Nope! Deal Squall is available for everyone with no membership required at this time! We might eventually launch a members-only option, but that's not in place as of today.

We try as hard as we can to only select deals with free shipping. If there are additional shipping charges, it'll be clearly marked on each product.

It all depends on where the item is coming from, but generally, it's safe to expect up to 30 days to receive your item. Some items will be 2 weeks, some items may be the full 30 days. We know...that's a long time, but for the HUGE discounts we're able to provide, we hope you'll find it worth the wait!

We're partnered with many of the manufacturers who sell the same name-brand products at name-brand prices. Instead of getting the branded version of the product, you're receiving it straight from the manufacturer. That means you're not having to worry about paying for the big brands to slap their name on your product for an extra 50%!

We're just getting started! It takes time to build out a brand and then get your name on the internet! Don't worry though - soon we'll be a household name and you can brag that you were among the first customers!